We are  EXO

We are special advisers and executive coaches to CEOs and Entrepreneurs.

Our focus is growth and we challenge how you see the world.



Our Playbook

We work with you to unleash your absolute potential and that of your business, people and relationships.

This requires:

  1. Going all out. Placing small bets or running a dual track are not options.
  2. Exponential self inquiry, ongoing dialogue and deep engagement.
  3. Creating a space for accountable exploration.

Building a Growth Practice

Growth is less of a destination and more of a way of being. It is not a tap that can, or should, be turned on at will.

We guide our clients to be fierce and invest their time and resources wisely by considering future trends, competitive pressures, growth demands, innovation and corporate venturing as well as their own data and then help them act from a place of ferocity to make change happen.

Our value proposition: making incredible things happen

We embrace an infinite-possibilities mindset and as such do not fit neatly into the current management consulting, advisory or consulting frameworks or paradigms.

“Growth is not a destination to strive for, but a practice. Growth requires ferocity, an initial leap of faith in your ability to overachieve and a bold step into unfamiliar territory. “

– Rand Leeb-du Toit, Chair & CEO

Working with EXOscalr

Randal Leeb-du Toit

Client insights from working with Rand:

  *  “Rand is transformational. His determination, insight and unconditional support take you to exponential levels. To experience Rand is a privilege.”

  *  “You produce world leaders.”

  *  “Thank you for being you, for being patient and gracious, for having the courage to tell me what most won’t and for believing in me and giving me priceless coaching.”

  *  “Rand is the real deal. He has helped me decouple myself from the expectations of others and instead align myself to my own dreams and aspirations.”

 *   “I now know how to tell my story, how to share my learnings and how to catalyse the world. The impact of wisdom is not always immediate, but when it hits, it’s powerful.”

  *  “An awesome force – Rand habitually makes things happen.”

  *  “Rand relishes the opportunity to question the status quo and has a knack for deploying his considerable breadth of knowledge and experience incisively to achieve non-obvious solutions.”

  *  “His magical blend of intelligence, enthusiasm and knowledge of ‘where the opportunities lie‘ make him a pleasure to work with.”

Rand brings two unique streams to his role as a special adviser:
1. Decades of experience as a venture capitalist, senior business executive and advisor to Fortune 500 companies. He is an expert in growth and applying startup science and psychology to accelerating high growth ventures, be that from a standing start or breaking through the inertia of a 100 years of operating.
2. Wisdom as a result of his transformational near death experience.

He has a one-of-a-kind skill set for providing impact-driving insights and he is sought out for his personal blend of skill, creativity and passion for changing the world.

Working with Rand requires commitment. For inquiries about working together please reach out via email: contact EXOscalr

Rand loves the process of creation that sparks when he connects with you in a unique space for speaking and listening, a space that empowers you to see with depth and precision and a space from which to achieve high growth.

Growth.Reinvented: How Leading Companies Create a Concerted Front For Business Growth

As evidenced by numerous surveys, growth is the major enduring focus for business leaders. However, growth is tackled ad hoc across many organizations. Leading companies drive rapid, sustained growth through a concerted front strategy.

More and more companies have a leadership mandate to achieve growth, a vision of what growth needs to be and an understanding of a growth culture.

They embark on various growth initiatives, but these are mostly carried out in silos.

Leading organizations not only undertake numerous growth activities, but they also conduct them using a concerted front strategy.

They start by formulating a view across all their growth activities. They then translate that view into a business-wide operating system.

As their concerted activities mature this operating system shifts to being driven by a dedicated growth group that works across the business.

The EXOscalr Growth Report explores the concerted front strategy used by leading companies to achieve rapid and sustained growth.

The report starts by highlighting key aspects of the 10 facets for driving business growth, then considers what a dedicated growth group should consist of and what to look for when hiring the right people for it. It concludes with suggestions on how to create a 100 day growth dialogue.

You can download the full report as a pdf from the following LINK.

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