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Our Mission

At EXOscalr we guide CEOs to become self-transcendent leaders. We provide them with the inspiration, strategy and tools to achieve their infinite potential, build more impactful businesses and make exponentially scalable difference in the world.

Beyond Self

We take CEOs on a journey of self-discovery and powerfully guide them to go deeper into themselves and step into their greatness.

Making Incredible Things Happen

We believe that being fierce is the gateway mindset for leaders to remove all barriers and achieve their infinite potential.

Fierce Reinvention

Fierce Reinvention: A Guide to Harnessing Your Superpowers for Entrepreneurial and Leadership Success – A great playbook to dive into while engaging with EXOscalr: An audacious wake-up call and direction finder for reclaiming your innate powers. Wisdom from a sudden death survivor and venture capitalist. “Moving and inspirational”, “a true gem”, “this book will change lives”.

“Become a self-transcendent leader. “

– Rand Leeb-du Toit

Working with EXOscalr

Randal Leeb-du Toit

Client insights from working with us:

  *  “EXOscalr is transformational. Their determination, insight and unconditional support take you to exponential levels. To experience EXOscalr is a privilege.”

  *  “EXOscalr produces world leaders.”

  *  “Thank you for being you, for being patient and gracious, for having the courage to tell me what most won’t and for believing in me and giving me priceless coaching.”

  *  “EXOscalr is the real deal. They have helped me decouple myself from the expectations of others and instead align myself to my own dreams and aspirations.”

 *   “I now know how to tell my story, how to share my learnings and how to catalyse the world. The impact of wisdom is not always immediate, but when it hits, it’s powerful.”

  *  “An awesome force – EXOscalr habitually makes things happen.”

  *  “EXOscalr relishes the opportunity to question the status quo and have a knack for deploying their considerable breadth of knowledge and experience incisively to achieve non-obvious solutions.”

  *  “Their magical blend of intelligence, enthusiasm and knowledge of ‘where the opportunities lie‘ make them a pleasure to work with.”

For inquiries about working with EXOscalr please reach out via email: rand@exoscalr.com

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